Radhey Shyam Srivastava  is a Former Deputy Chief Scientific Officer,Defense science centro,India,India

Radhey Shyam Srivastava

Former Deputy Chief Scientific Officer

Organizing committee


Defense science centro,India


  1. Published 60 research papers in internationally recognized journals such as Proceedings of the Royal Society, London, American Institute of Aeronautics Society (USA), Journal of Fluid Mechanics (UK), Journal of applied Mathematics and Physics (ZAMP), International Journal of Shock Waves, Springer Verlag, IJPAM (India)
  2. Published two books:‚Äč
    1. Turbulence Pipe flows, INSA, New Delhi,1997  
    2. Interaction of Shock Waves.

Foreword by Sir James Lighthill FRS


M. Sc {Mathematics), Lucknow University, 1953

Ph. D (Mathematics), Lucknow University, 1963


2000 Millennium Medal of Honour, 2000 (Gold Medal)American Biographical Institute, USA

20th Century Award for Achievement, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge England, 1999 (Bronze Medal)

Outstanding Achievement Diploma, 1999, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England

Vijay Rattan Award, IIFS, 2005, India

Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Aard, IIFS, 2006, India

Bhavat Jyoti Award, IIFs, 2008, India

Rashtriya Samman Puraskar and Gold Medal, ISIID, 2008, India

Lifetime Achievement Award and Gold Medal ISIID, 2008, India