Mohammed S. Al-Khaldi  is a CEO of United Gulf Industrial Consortia, Assistant Professor,University of Putra Malaysia,Saudi Arabia

Mohammed S. Al-Khaldi

CEO of United Gulf Industrial Consortia, Assistant Professor

Organizing Committee

Saudi Arabia

University of Putra Malaysia


1.“Reach customer support through service quality” SASO Forum 2019

2.“The latest technology in energy saving” Jubail energy forum 2019

3.“Improvement in Cam shaft design: An Experimental application and recommendation at the Applied Mechanics & Materials conference 2015 (ICMIE), Singapore.  Presented and awarded the best paper, at the conference Applied Mechanics & Materials 2015, Singapore

4.“Variable Inlet Valve Opening and its turbulence Simulation using Computational Fluid Dynamics”, presented at the IRES -3rd International Conference on Innovative Engineering Technologies (ICIET), Dubai, United Arab Emirate

5.“Determination of Optimum Valve Opening and Height in the Automotive Engine”, Presented at the International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing and Process Plant engineering 2015 (ICMMPE), Kuala Lumbar, Malaysia

6.“The Application of Reverse Engineering for Manufacturing Enhancement and Education”, presented at the International Conference on Engineering Education and Research 2015 (FEIIC), Madena, Saudi Arabia  

7.“Business opportunity in GCC. for automotive industries” Steel Strategy conference 2122April 2010, Turkey


1.University of Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, 2016, PhD. Mechanical Engineering In the field of computer Integrated manufacturing. Awarded best paper describe my thesis, and registered international patent about improving engines.

2.University of Malaysia, Malaysia, 2013, MSc.  Manufacturing Engineering Main courses were Manufacturing automation and control, advanced surface engineering, material science and global manufacturing strategies.  

3.King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, BSc. Physics Some of courses were metallurgy, quantum mechanics, classical mechanics, solid state, electromagnetism, and nuclear physics.  

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