B. Shivamurthy is a Associate Professor,Manipal Academy of Higher Education,INDIA

B. Shivamurthy

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Dr. B. Shivamurthy compleated PhD from National Institute of Technology Karnataka in the field of Materials Engineering and presently working as an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at MAHE, India. He published research articles in tribology of polymer, Nanopolymer composites and natural fibre reinforced polymer composites. He also worked in Indian polymer industries about 10 years in addition to 20 years of teaching and research. His area of interest, nanocomposites and applications, EMI shielding material and High-velocity impact resistant material and biopolymers.


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18. Preethi.M, Vijay G S, Raghavendra Kamath C & Shivamurthy B, Low-temperature machining of elastomer -A review communicated to Journal Material Processing Technology. 


B.E M.Sc.Engineering by Research PhD


Nanocomposites bio composites Emi shielding materials High-velocity impact resistant material


Working as Associate professor at MIT manipal, India


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