Eriki Ananda Kumar is a Associate Professor,FTVETI University,Ethiopia

Eriki Ananda Kumar

Associate Professor

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Dr. Eriki Ananda Kumar currently in FTVETI University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, working as an Associate Professor, involved in research as well as teaching in Automotive/Mechanical/Industrial Engineering subjects with desirable skills; He gained his Ph.D in University of Newcastle, Malaysia; and having 13 years of professional experience in academic and administration including 1year industrial experience. As educational background is in Certificate course (1995) (Industrial Training Institute-ITI) in Welding, 3 years in professional Diploma course in Mechanical Engineering (1998) and 4 years undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering (2003). He accomplished his Masters in Mechanical Engineering (2006) with specialization of CAD and Ph.D in Automobile Crash test. Also he is doing Second Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, research areas is Titanium alloys award expected end of 2020, demonstrate an ability to be an effective team player, knowledge and experience in tech transfer and of the IP landscape, experience in project costing and budget control, to demonstrate planning and organisational skills, ability to work independently and self-manage and excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and also supervised undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students for both manipulated and design projects.


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Pursuing Second-Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering-Part time, VELs University, Chennai, India. 2020 expected. Course Work (Completed-05/2018): Research Methodology-(88/100), Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing-(92/100), Applied Material Engineering-(88/100), Tools Engineering (92/100). Research Topic: ”To investigate End-mill toll life & surface texture of Titanium alloy (Ti6AL4V) with preheating of work surface”

Ph.D in Automotive Engineering: University of New Castle-Malaysia (center), 2007. Research Studies: Finite element methods, Crash Engineering and CAD/CAM Advanced Process, Material Management and LS-Dyna ver.970 Research Topic: ”Crush Simulation of Car using LSDYNA”

Master of Engineering in Computer Aided Design [Sathyabama University, India, 2006 d. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, SVCET, JNT University, Hyderabad, India, 2003. e. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, VMR Polytechnic, Warangal, India, 1998. f. Certificate-ITI (Welder), Sri Balaji Industrial Training Institute, Tirupati, India, 1995.


a. Manufacturing processes – Precision grinding of Ti6Al-4V alloy using them novel bondless diamond Grinding wheel.

b. Simulation Analysis – Crash Impact.

c. Fracture Mechanics – Crack propagation path analysis and simulations.


i. Keynote Speaker; for 60th International Conference on Innovation for Next Generation (IN Gen 2018) May 11th – 12th 2018, Pondicherry, India.

ii. Develop the Startup policies and IPR policies for VEMU Institute of Technology, 24 Feb 2018, P.Kothakota, India.

iii. Young Scientist Award 2017 in International Organization of Scientific Research and Developments (IOSRD) Annual awards year 2017 held on 29th & 30th Dec 2017, Chennai, India.

iv. Keynote Speaker; for 42nd International Conference on Advances in Science, Management & Engineering (ICASME 2017) Dec 29th – 30th 2017, Chennai, India.

v. Best Paper Award 2017 in 42nd International Conference on Advances in Science, Management and Engineering (ICASME 2017) Dec 29th – 30th 2017, Chennai, India.

vi. Setting up of INCUBATION CENTER for VEMU Institute of Technology, 27 September 2017, P. Kothakota, India

vii. Submitted the proposal to Funding agency; File No: EMR/2017/002532; Project Title: PRECISION GRINDING OF Ti6Al-4V ALLOY USING THE NOVEL BONDLESS DIAMOND GRINDING WHEEL. Scheme: Extra Mural Research Funding (Individual Centric)-India Broad Area: Engineering Sciences. 29th July 2017.

viii. Keynote Speaker; Advisory committee for 2nd International Conference on Frontiers in Automobile and Mechanical Engineering (FAME 2016) at Satyabhama University, July 7th – 9th 2016, Chennai, India

ix. Gold Medal for Excellent Research Paper, the International Conference on Mechanical, Aerospace and Production Engineering (ICMAPE), 18 October 2014, Malaysia.

x. Gold Medal for Excellent Research Paper, the International Conference on Mechanical, Aerospace and Production Engineering (ICMAPE), 05 September 2014, Singapore.


Lead: Haftom G/gziabher; (30 January 2019). Funding Amount: 6455USD Title Of the Research Project: Precision Grinding of Ti6Al4V alloy using the novel bondless diamond Grinding Wheels Propose of Research Project: Research and Community Service Engagement-Mission in Proclamation and Mission in Action. Institute: FTVETI, Ethio-china University, Addis Ababa ETHIOPIA


1 Advisory Board Member:

i. International Institute of Engineers and Researchers

ii. International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Management 2014 – Present IIER IASTEM

2 Editorial Board Member and Panel Reviewer:

i. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Applications.

ii. International Journal of Material Science and Applications.

iii. International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Engineering

iv. International Journal of Computational and Manufacturing Research 2014 – Present IJMEA IJTRA OGCE IJMCMR

3 Editorial Board Member:

i. International Journal of Advances in Material

ii. International Journal of Technical Research and Applications.

iii. International Institute of Science Engineering & Management. 2017 – Present 2016 – Present 2014 - Present IJAM IJTRA IISEM

4 Panel Reviewer

i. Iranian Journal of Science and Technology

ii. International Journal of Exergy 2014 – Present IJSTM IJEX

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