Ali Ghanbarzadeh is a Lecturer,University of Leeds,UK

Ali Ghanbarzadeh


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University of Leeds


13 journal papers;10 conference presentations;7 invited talks
110 citations; H-index 6 (based on June 2019)


11/2012- 4/2016Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Tribology) sponsored by EU as a Marie Curie Fellow, Leeds, UKDate of VIVA: 15/4/2016    (Examiner: Professor Daniele Dini, Imperial college)
Title: Mechano-Chemical Modelling of Boundary Lubrication
Specialised in tribology, Tribochemistry/tribocorrosion, Contact Mechanics, Mathematical modelling, surfacescience, material science, additives and film formation and rheological properties of thin films and surfaces

09/2007-05/2012B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.      

Title:  Investigating, modelling and predicting the gas consumption of a gas industry
Specialised in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and material scienceGPA: 74/100


8/2018- PresentLecturer

University of Leeds, Leeds, UK


11/2015- 07/2018Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

  • Developing tribology modelling framework in iFS, Leeds
  • Development of methodologies for in-situ tribochemistry/tribocorrosion- XANES- in-situ RAMAN
  • Modelling tribocorrosive wear in biomedical application-BEM-corrosive wear-mechanical wear
  • Developing adhesive contact model for rough surfaces in particle-particle interactions
  • Corrosion rate predictions in sweet corrosion environments-experimental and analytical work
  • Development of a mixed lubrication model for tribocorrosive wear environment for bearing application- FDM and combining that with boundary lubrication model
  • Investigation into the effect of water and humidity on the tribocorrosive/tribochemical wear of boundary lubricated contacts

11/2012-10/2015Marie Curie Research Fellow

University of Leeds, Leeds, UK: Marie Curie Research Fellow

  • Development of a modelling framework to implement tribochemistry into boundary lubrication models
  • Studying effect of water interaction with lubricant additives in boundary lubrication interfaces.
  • Modelling tribochemistry on a single cam rig
  • Experimental work on the effect of tribochemistry on the roughness evolution of surfaces

09/2009-09/2012     Research Student

Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

  • Modelling thermodynamics to predict gas consumption
  • Modelling two-phase flow using CFX for spray drier application and fluidized beds
  • Material Science research on the functionality of the graded steel


Marie Curie scholarship hosted by University of Leeds (2012-2014)
Amirkabir University of Technology B.Sc scholarship award as an exceptional student (2007-2012)
National elite award from the Iranian MOE to be invested for R&D
Exempt from Iranian master entrance exam (national elite+GPA)
Ranked 143th among approximately 500,000 participants in the Nationwide Universities' exam in mathematics and physics field toward BS degree, Iran